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    Sapporo Specialty Nishiyama LL20-meal set

    68 GBP

    Miso, soy sauce, and salt ramen set. Can be stored at room temperature.

    Sapporo Specialty Nishiyama LL16-meal DX set

    69 GBP

    This deluxe set (miso, soy sauce, salt) comes with menma and Hokkaido corn as toppings.
    Can be stored at room temperature.

    Nishiyama Sapporo Standard 3 Meal Set

    22 GBP

    Deluxe set with menma and chashu pork as toppings.

    Nishiyama Ramen 12-serving gift from Sapporo

    68 GBP

    The noodles, made with 100% Hokkaido wheat, are a perfect match for the rich soup.

    Hokkaido Asahikawa<Shoyu>

    37 GBP

    The soup has been enhanced with seafood broth, lard and soy sauce to make it even more delicious.

    Sapporo Dry Nishiyama Ramen<Salt>

    10 GBP 68 GBP

    We pursued deliciousness by using 100% Hokkaido wheat.

    Tenkin Ramen Asahikawa<Soy Sauce>

    31 GBP

    Established in 1952.
    The taste of a long-established restaurant in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

    Yoshino Honten Asahikawa<Miso>

    31 GBP

    It is characterized by the mild flavor of miso with a spicy kick.